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Access Keys

Access keys enable a user to bring focus to page elements using the keyboard. This may assist those with motor skill difficulties and prove a convenience to all.

Access key numbers:

  1. 1: Queensland Government Gateway
  2. 2: Legal Practice Committee
  3. 3: Not in use
  4. 4: Contact us
  5. 5: Search
  6. 6: Not in use
  7. 7: Not in use
  8. 8: Not in use
  9. 9: Not in use
  10. 0: Help

PC Windows: 'alt + the access key number' brings focus to the element. If a link, 'enter' will take the user to the linked destination.

Macintosh: 'control + the access key number' highlights the link, with 'return' taking the user to the destination page.

Last reviewed
30 June 2010
Last updated
27 November 2011

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